The Saferpay payment platform excels with its extensive national and international payment portfolio. All payment methods can be processed on this unique interface - flexibly, easily and securely! Saferpay is one of the most influential e-payment solutions on the German-speaking market. Saferpay is a registered trademark of SIX Payment Services, the leading provider of cashless, electronic payments in Europe.


Step1: Advice & integration

Important notice

When integrating Saferpay via the business interface, please ensure that both the billing address and the delivery address are transferred to the Saferpay interface, provided that this information has been entered by the end customer during check-out. If this is not the case, BillPay payment methods cannot be offered.

Activating supported payment methods

The desired BillPay payment methods are activated by Saferpay as supported payment methods. If this is not the case, please contact the Saferpay Service.

Step 2: Placing an order in the shop

Test orders should include any umlauts in the customer’s address and in the product names; the order should also include at least 2 items, a discount and shipping costs. For payments by invoice (B2C and/or B2B), please create 2 test orders. (If no discount and/or no shipping costs are included, the relevant fields will be removed and will not be able to be replaced).

Please note:

  • The value of the order must be less than €1000.
  • Please do not use the word ‘test’ as either a name or surname.
  • You can only have 3 open orders. Please use a different name or cancel an ‘old’ order when creating a 4th.


  1. Please log into the Saferpay back office.
  2. Click on ‘Saferpay e-commerce’.
  3. Click on ‘New offers’ under ‘Web shop’.

  5. Please enter an offer number, the currency and a fictitious price (under €1000), tick the box ‘BillPay security test’ and click ‘Next’.
  6. Enter your desired URL in the three fields. (For example: yourshopname.de)
  7. In the next window, just click on the button ‘Display terminal’.
  8. Select a BillPay payment method and click ‘Next’.
  9. Please enter a date of birth and confirm the Terms & Conditions.
  10. Please enter an address (important note: the word ‘test’ must not be used).
  11. Activate the order in Saferpay back office (just like with a credit card).

    Booking the order automatically activates the order with BillPay and commences the payment term for end customers. Each order must be activated before shipping.


Step 3: Send the invioce to abnahme@billpay.de.

The invoice should be sent to abnahme@billpay.de.

  1. BillPay partially uses dynamic bank details. Technical details on this can be found in Saferpay’s integration information for BillPay payment methods.
  1. The shop’s own account details must be removed from the invoice.

Step 4: Creating credit vouchers

Please create a credit voucher for the total order amount.

Step 5: Repeating the security test

Repeat the security test (starting from when you place an order in the shop 3) for all contractual BillPay payment methods for all stipulated countries.

Step 6: Test completion

Please send an e-mail to support@billpay.de notifying us when you have completed the test. Please also send us the link to your shop. We will check that the front-end integration of the Terms & Conditions, payment types and logos has been successfully carried out. If everything is correct we will send you our live-system details as soon as possible.