E-Payment Competence – since 2001 Datatrans is a Europe-wide specialist in Internet payments and Mobile Payment As an internationally organised Payment Service Provider with its headquarters in Zürich, Datatrans supports all the electronic methods of payment spread across Europe. The independent, owner-operated company founded in 2001 sees itself as the central coordinating body for all questions relating to E-Payment. Datatrans has particular experience and competences in large projects with a high transaction volume and with complex, customer-tailored payments solutions. For some years Datatrans has also been active abroad, above all with a complete range of payments solutions for the mobile sector (Smartphones, Tablets). Besides mobile payment pages, Datatrans has developed an “In App Payment Library”, which allows it to handle the payment transactions within a native Mobile App.


Step 1: Advice & integration

Important note!
From BillPay you will receive after conclusion of contract merchant ID, portal ID and Security Key for the test mode. This data is forwarded to us automatically and we will create a Test-Account for you, which you will receive by e-mail.

  1. The integration of the Datatran payment module occurs according to the technical interface documentation. Technical Implementation Guide
  2. Example for BillPay’s integration can be found unter Showcase.
    It is compulsory to indicate the billing and shipping address.

Step 2: Create a test order

  1. Place an order with umlauts or other diacritics in the customer address and article name, at least two articles, a coupon and shipping costs (this order must include both a discount and delivery charges). As e-mail address, please use abnahme@billpay.de.
    Make sure that the order is marked as “deducted“. The response contains the payment due date as well as the bank connections to which the end costumer has to transfer the required amount.
  2. Please be aware that BillPay assigns for German customers a new account number for each order. This account number has to be displayed on the costumer’s invoice for each order!
  3. If it has not already been done automatically please send us a copy of the invoice for the test order(s) to the email address abnahme@billpay.de.
    This must be the invoice that would be sent to the real customer in live mode containing all relevant information for the order and for the payment information!

Step 3: Cancle a test order

  1. Please cancel the entire order at the end. The cancellation of an order can be accomplished in two ways:
    1. Cancel the order by selecting the “Crediting” button in the Web Admin Tool in the detail view of the transaction. Your cancellation request is then automatically transmitted to BillPay.
    2. Cancel the order with the Credit-Request via XML.

Step 4: Repeat the acceptance test

  1. Please repeat the previous steps for all BillPay payment methods that you want to use (Purchase on Account, Purchase by Direct Debit)
  2. Email support@billpay.de to report the result of the test.