Computop is a leading global payment service provider (PSP) that provides compliant and secure e-commerce, Point of Sale (PoS), m-commerce and Mail Order and Telephone Order (MOTO), globally. The company, founded in 1997, is headquartered in Bamberg, Germany with local teams also in the USA, UK, Hong Kong and China. Computop processes transactions totalling over $7 billion per year, for over 2,000 large international merchants within industries such as retail, travel and gaming. Global customers include C&A, Fossil, Metro Cash & Carry, Samsung and TUI. In order to provide a complete multichannel solution for merchants, Computop has a robust partner and global banking portfolio providing merchants with a seamless and secure transaction process.


Step 1: Integration

  1. Make sure that the test mode for the desired BillPay payment method has been unlocked by Computop. If this is not the case, you should contact the helpdesk@computop.de.
  2. Make sure that the connection of your shop to the Computop PayGate was carried out according to the Computop integration documentation for BillPay payment.
  3. Before the authorization request of the customer data is performed via BillPay, the Privacy Policy of BillPay GmbH must be displayed and approved by the customer.

Step 2: Create and acdtivate orders

  1. Place an order with umlauts or other diacritics in the customer address and article name, at least two articles, a coupon and shipping costs . As e-mail address, please use abnahme@billpay.de.
  2. Activate the order with the “Capture”- request via the Server-to-Server interface of Computop. For more details, please refer to Chapter 4 of the Computop integration documentation for the BillPay payment methods.Each order must be activated immediately prior to dispatch. BillPay unfortunately cannot guarantee payments for non-activated orders.

Step 3: Create an invoice

  1. With ‘Purchase on Account’ transactions the bank connection must be displayed at the retail invoice as well as the due date for the payment. It is displayed with a successful ‘Capture’-request:
    Field description Meaning
    BpAccOwner Account holder
    BpAccNr Account number
    BpAccIBAN Bank code
    BpBank Financial institution
    BpInvoiceDate Due date
    BpInvoiceRef Use

    Please be aware that BillPay assigns a new account number for each order! This account number is automatically displayed after activation on the shop own invoice. If you use an externally generated invoice, the account number must be taken on this bill!n

  2. If it has not already been done automatically please send us a copy of the invoice for the test order(s) to the email address abnahme@billpay.de.This must be the invoice that would be sent to the real customer in live mode containing all relevant information for the order and for the payment information!

Step 4: Cancellation of the test order

Please cancel the entire order at the end. The cancellation of an order can be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Cancel the order by pressing the “Reverse” button in the Computop Admin Area in the detail view of the transaction (see screenshot). Your cancellation request is then automatically transmitted to BillPay.
  2. Cancel the order with the “Reverse” request on the Server-to-Server interface of Computop. For more details, please refer to Chapter 6 of the Computop integration documentation for the BillPay payment methods.

Step 5: Repeat the acceptance test

  1. Please repeat the previous steps for all BillPay payment methods that you want to use (Purchase on Account, Purchase by Direct Debit)
  2. Email support@billpay.de to report the result of the test.